Monday, November 14, 2016

If you were intentionally looking for the Mobile Board MLS
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         ***Disclosure Page!!***

   For the last several years, I have own the web domain site "" which is a re-direct to 
  The Mobile Board Of Realtors uses the link    They have ask me stop using the Re-Direct link "".    Due to conflict of new Real Estate Laws and Trade Mark Laws,  Even I have to admit that it is a very grey area on who is correct. 
  • Was deceiving the public about the MLS?   My site had both the Mobile & Baldwin County public MLS links.   They claim yes, even though my site has access to multiple MLS's 
  • To the Board's knowledge & mine,  No complains were ever filed or called in to anyone's attention.  (Which surprised me being ask to stop using the re-direct after nearly 4 years) 
  • So from here on out,   Please use as a direct link to me directly.
 I have been a member of the Mobile Board for over 13 years now.  I in no way wish to have a conflict with the Board.   When was set up,  It was named for the Gulf Coast since that is the Common Name of the Area.  It was directly set up so people could have assess to Mobile & Bladwin County MLS in one site. 
Nothing has changed on my website, You just have to use direct link will redirect to this page as a Disclosure Page. 

    If you were intentionally looking for  Click link. 

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